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Just because I've noticed this in some of the comments:

1.  As you may have noticed, hooks are not being posted sequentially.  It means nothing.  The mods are taking them as the come and getting them out there for your enjoyment/edification.
2.  Not all hooks were assigned to judges sequentially.  It means nothing.  It was just the dynamics of assignments.
3.  Not all hooks posted together are necessarily from one judge.  It means nothing. Again, we're posting as they come in and sometimes there are glitches with one or two.  Rather than hold back the ones that are good to go, we're posting.
4.  The judges aren't posting their hooks, the mods are.  The mods are not necessarily posting in the same method or schedule.  They're just getting them out there.  If you find the manner of posting confusing, now imagine if all 16 judges were posting individually!

So, don't think of the posts as individual components.   The hooks came in randomly, the judges were assigned randomly, the comments are coming back randomly, the hooks are being posted randomly.  It's all random, but focused on trying to get everything out by April 23.

It's all cool.  Don't look for tea leaves where they're aren't any.  You'll just go nuts.

Director of DisBefuddlement
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Because the answer is long and this is a question/concern a few of you have probably had as well, we're addressing it in a separate post. Here was the question:
"As far as moving the contestants on into the second round, each judge is going to pick the best hook they got, and you'll judge from there, correct?"
Answer: Yes
Concern: "Couldn't it be a little unfair? Since you are assigning the hooks randomly, theoretically, one judge could receive a bunch of crappy hooks and another could get a number of great ones. They'd end up moving one hook into the second round. Wouldn't giving several candidates and then deciding between all the candidates from all the judges be a more objective way?"
Answer: First all judges have the autonomy, if there happens to be more than one truly great hook in their batch, to set two aside. This is for just that circumstance of another judge having a batch of hooks that he/she doesn't feel contains any "good" hooks. Secondly - and more importantly, however - the simple truth is this: not every good hook will get chosen for the Pages round.
It boils down to math - there are 250 entries, and only 16 will be selected to go to the pages round. That's just a little over 6% of all hooks. So 94% of the hooks won't advance to the next round in the contest. That's a large percentage, and it doesn't mean that all 94% of those hooks weren't any good. It means there's a limited number of slots available and some "good" hooks might not make it. This is much like what happens in an agent slush pile - is every query rejected a 'bad' query? No, it means an agent has a limited number time in which to read requested material and therefore can't request everything that shows promise. Same with an editor. Does every manuscript that gets rejected for publication mean it wasn't good? No, it means there are a limited number of books a publishing house can buy each year/quarter/ whatever and therefore several quality manuscripts will get declined.
Is this fair? No, not really, but there you have it. We segregated the hooks in batches to our judges. They are the pick the best of them and - previous exception mentioned aside - that means that out of those batches, all but one won't make the cut. We don't have time to hold several rounds of hook critiques by having the judges critt their initial group of hooks, then pick out every "good" hook, put them in a pile, and then do another mass critique of all the other judges' good hooks in another round to determine who gets to go to the Pages round. Perhaps that would be a more 'fair' method, but we're doing this contest as best we can with the time constraints everyone has in their own schedules. It's not a perfect world and this isn't a perfect contest. However, it's a contest with the good intention of trying to help authors improve their hooks and we hope that will suffice.
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Apparently a lot of people didn't see the the update added to our previous post, so here's the news again:

Due to the recent generosity of new judges volunteering and existing ones offering to do more, we were able to extend our allowed number of entries to 250 hooks. A big thank you goes out to our new/existing judges!

However, at this time we already have over 250 hooks in our system, so we still cannot accept more entries. What this does mean is that many of you who already sent your hooks in but would have been excluded can now participate in the contest. 

Thanks again to our judges! There wouldn't be a contest without them.

If you submitted an entry before 10:00 am Eastern time today, you should be in the contest! Numbers will be assigned to all 250 hooks and emailed to the authors in the next couple days. 

Thanks to everyone who entered!

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WOW! As of 7:00 am this morning, we exceeded our allowed number of entries for the Hook contest. The response has been overwhelming - you guys are awesome!
To everyone who has not sent in their hook yet, sorry. We can't accept any more.
Another judge has volunteered for the contest, so out of the overage of hooks we've already received, we were able to accept another 20. This brings the total number of hooks accepted for the contest to 200, and the total number of contestant who will be moving to the Pages round to 13 instead of 12. 
Everyone who sent in a hook will be getting an email today/tomorrow assigning them a number, or telling them that unfortunately, we can't consider their entry because it was received after 200 hooks.
Thanks so much to everyone who participated! As this was our first contest, we weren't sure of the response we'd get, but this has blown away all our expectations. Again, you guys are awesome!
-Fangs, Fur and Fey
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For those of you who submitted your hooks over the weekend, we appreciate your enthusiasm, but re-read this part of our previous post:
Start sending in hooks on Friday, April 13th (if you REALLY want to be first, you can do it as early as 12:01 am Friday the 13th, EASTERN standard time) and then we will close submissions on Sunday, April 15th at midnight - or until we get 180 hooks, whichever comes first. DO NOT POST HOOKS HERE. Email hooks to fangsfurandfey@yahoo.com
So to those of you who sent in a hook already, we have deleted it unread, as the contest doesn't start until Friday April 13th 12:01 am Eastern Standard time.
Please resend your hooks once the contest has officially began, and we look forward to reading them then.
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See </a></font></b></a>fangs_fur_fey for details on our first contest, Best Novel Hook!
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